Sizing and Placing the Aquaponics System



Aquaponics sizing and placing is the most important part when you starting build your system. One vital procedure to carry out while beginning with aquaponics is to determine how big you want the system to be.

The size relies on two major factors. How much space you have and the plants you intend to cultivate. On the off chance that you’ve never attempted aquaponics, it’s best to begin on a relatively small scale you can easily manage. There are two major elements of the aquaponics framework which include:


The relative size of the fish tank you decide on will outline the grand size and adaptability of your aquaponics framework so it should be an early thought. For instance, if you would be using an aquarium for a small system, you will be limited to practicing aquaponics with aquarium fish for comfortability.

On the off chance that you need to develop edible fish, the most vital dependable guideline while picking a tank is to ensure it is made of strong, non-metallic and non-toxic materials.

Next, ensure that the tank depth is no less than 18″ approximately 45.7cm, and holds no less than 50 gallons approximately 159 Liters of water. Tanks need to hold roughly 50 gallons or bigger keeping in mind the end goal to develop plate-sized fish (30cm and 0.68kg).


The size of growth bed allotment you have will be dependent on of the span of the fish tank being utilized. The fish tank ratio to grow tray should nearly be 1:1 which implies that volume of the fish tank should be approximately the same as that of the grow bed.

This proportion can likewise be thought of in gallons per cubic foot, making progress toward 6 gallons (22 liters) of the fish tank to each cubic foot of the grow tray. For instance, a 50 gallon (189 liters) tank will allow 6 to 8 cubic feet of the grow bed. The bed depth measured around 12″, or 300mm deep. This enables most plants to be held upright and empowers the microbes in the framework to completely build up itself.


You can put you at any preferred location of your choice provided the place has the optimum light requirement needed by the plant for optimum growth. As a rule of thumb in photosynthesis, the plants require light to manufacture their food.

In the event that the system is being positioned in a place with little or no light, they will be unable to manufacture their food which subsequently may result in killing the plant

However, you positioned your fish tank under direct sunlight, may overheat the fish after too much exposure as well as killing the fish too.

This is something you won’t like to happen! However, maybe you have a room where there is a modest light intensity, at that point, there is the place you should put your aquaponics setup.

You should likewise keep your fish and plants from chemicals as they are very sensitive to that, so the place where you store your cleaning items won’t be an incredible area for them.

Instead, go for vaporous spots where the plants can breathe a sigh of relief and with a normal room temperature so the fish will develop and grow appropriately.

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